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Tamariki Educational Centre

Tamariki Educational Centre is a ‘private’ not-for-profit primary school set up in the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya. The school was developed with a focus and emphasis on providing quality education for children in need.

In Sept 2014 we opened with a small school roll of 20 pupils, made up of a baby class, nursery class and pre-unit streams. The age range was 3 – 5 years (as primary education starts at the age of 3 in Kenya).  At the start of 2018, the school roll is near 120 pupils!

Since my African journey began, in 2009, I have been actively involved in assisting local Kenyan children with getting access to education.  This is the second school that we have ventured to develop and support.


About Tamariki Educational Centre

Read My Story of How Africa Became Part of My Life

Little did I know that what started as my son’s school project on ‘family origins’ would result in my husband and I visiting my newly discovered family in South Africa in 2009, after which we travelled extensively through Africa and to then went on to establish an officially recognised registered school in a poor region of Kenya, set up for needy children who would otherwise be on the streets.

Following this journey, I was inspired to write a book “I Share My Heart with Africa” where I talk of my love for Africa and share our amazing journey; including the joys, immense satisfaction, challenges, frustrations, battles and overwhelming drive needed when establishing a project in a slum of Kenya, where communication and culture operate in extremes.

The success of my book was huge and as a result, I developed the urge to show off the Africa that had captured my heart so very much. I started a tour company, offering small-group, fully hosted, life-changing African experiences – with a focus on supporting and making a difference in the lives of local people and their small businesses, social enterprise projects and communities.

With the help of my awesome small team in Kenya, we’ve carefully created beautiful purposeful itineraries with both adults and children in mind. We’ve combined a whole range of experiences that showcases the REAL Africa, including the beautiful smiley-faced friendly people, the extraordinarily rich culture, breathtaking scenery and magnificent wild inhabitants.

Denise Carnihan

Author and creator of 3 authentic tours of Africa – Helping Hand African Tours and Safaris

So you too can enjoy the African experience.

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