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7 Day Nature and Cultural Exploration

Explore the green and fertile Mount Elgon nature. Discover caves, waterfalls and the tasty Sipi Arabica coffee. Immerse yourself in the daily life and culture of the Sebei people. Learn about popular farming methods and the history of this Kalenjin tribe. The hospitality and friendliness of the Sebei people will create lasting memories!


Our activities and services are inspired by four pillars:

Connect & care: We love to connect with our guests – from heart to heart – and with a generous smile. Cleanliness is an important focus. We continuously strive to improve our services & skills and value feedback. We are happy if our guests can ultimately relax!

Live healthy: Located on a green and spacious compound with spectacular views, fresh mountain air and singing birds. Our home-style food is tasty and healthy. Sports & leisure opportunities are plenty. Therefore, the perfect environment to enjoy a healthy life!

Explore nature: We are proud of the natural and cultural beauty of Sebei (Mount Elgon) region. Our hikes and cultural tours let you experience how the Sebei people (used to) live and what matters to them. Hospitality is an important value in Sebei society. It is easyto make new friends in the surrounding community.

Boost community impact: We create avenues for knowledge sharing and meaningful Community impact, with passion for sports, nature and culture as the connecting factors. We strive for both social and economic impact.


  • Healthy breakfast
  • Morning activity
  • Lunch
  • Relaxation
  • Dinner


  • ELGON NATURE WALK – Explorestunningwaterfalls, natural caves and hidden villageson the flanks of Mount Elgon, in Kapchorwa and Kween District.
  • SIPI FALLSHIKE – Enjoy the roaring waterfalls, lush farms and forests, and magnificent views of the Karamoja plains.
  • COFFEE TOUR – Trace the story of coffee from seed to cup. Sipi Falls Arabica Coffee is world-renowned coffee. During this tour you will learn about the origin of coffee and how plantations are maintained organically. You will acquire traditional roasting skills that enable you to make your own cup.
  • CAVE EXPERIENCE – Go back to ancient times in a natural cave, at just 5 minutes from the Guesthouse. Experience the authentic songs and stories of the ‘Sabiny’ people. Don’t forget to dance and try some tasty warrior’s snacks, fresh from the fire.
  • COMMUNITY GAMES – Join neighbouring youth for a variety of fun games. Introduce your own game or learn new, exciting games. Play, laugh and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Depending on the experience, you can decide whether you want to give a contribution to the youth sports programs of “From Coach to Coach”.

The guesthouse is located on the lush flanks of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda. Its panoramic views, healthy home-style meals and leisure opportunities provide you with ultimate relaxation and the perfect getaway from your hectic, modern life.


  • Four double rooms self-contained with kitchenette, private veranda
  • One triple room self-contained with outdoor kitchenette
  • One twin room self-contained
  • One family house standard, with a triple room, double room and shared bathroom
  • One family house budget, with two twin rooms, double room and shared bathroom
  • All rooms / houses have a desk and solar shower.

For this retreat we take a minimum of 4 guest and a maximum of 10, depending on the room arrangements. Our guesthouse can however take a maximum of 23 guests, perfect if you want to bring a group of your own.


  • Private single room: USD1155,00
  • Shared room with single bed: USD1035,00
  • Double room 1 person: USD985,00


  • 6 Nights accommodation
  • 3 Healthy meals per day
  • Sipi Falls hike
  • Coffee tour
  • Sunset hike
  • Cave experience
  • Airport transfers


  • All drinks
  • Flights
  • Vaccinations
  • Optional activities and massage treatments


  • All hikes include water, snacks and first aid.
  • Part of the proceeds of your holiday go to the Kids program.


  • Spacious compound and terrace suitable for relaxation and outdoor sports/fitness classes
  • Attractive hikes with caves, waterfalls, stunning trails, local villages and viewpoints just around the corner
  • Located on 2.000m. so fresh mountain air and conducive temperature
  • Wide restaurant menu with healthy & fresh food
  • Vibrant place with other guests who come to relax or create community impact
  • Kapchorwa is the cradle of Uganda’s running talent, world-level runners train around our Guesthouse
  • An inspiring environment for sports lovers
  • Famous Sipi Falls


Head organiser Daan Oxener is a sports and tourism entrepreneur who is developing Home of Friends into a social business that supports:

1. Talent development of vulnerable youth in Kapchorwa communities through sports.

2. Business and job creation in sports and tourism for the whole Mount Elgon region.

Daan holds a master in business administration and strategic human resource management and has extensive experience as a consultant in the (Dutch) organization sector. Daan’s passion is to coach youth and professionals to higher levels of self-esteem and success in life.


  • Country

  • Duration

    7 days

  • Cost

    From $985

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